Cardiff Chess

Membership and Teams

Membership of Cardiff Chess Club is open to players of all standards, although please note that we do not teach the game from scratch. 

Membership rates for the coming season are:

Waged - £40/year
Unwaged - £30/year
Juniors (aged under 18) - £20/year
Associate membership - £10/year

We currently have nine teams participating in the East Glamorgan Chess League - Cardiff Bishops, Castles, Pawns, Monarchs and Crowns in division 1, Cardiff AJs and Cavaliers in division 2, Cardiff Dragons in division 3, and Cardiff Eagles in division 4. The first team competes in the Welsh Chess Premier League.

Division 1 league table

Division 2 league table

Division 3 league table

Division 4 league table

Club members grading list

EGCA league fixture list